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What a (good) lawyer does

A lawyer’s main role is to provide legal advice, but they do much more than this.

Much of what a lawyer does for a client happens after the client has left the meeting with the lawyer.

Lawyer = Solicitor

Give Legal Advice

The core function of a lawyer is to provide legal advice. Some do it better than others.

  • Get the law right. Too often we see lawyers not understand family law principals.
  • Not merely state the law as it’s written in the books, but how the law could affect their client.
  • Usually a client has options, and an experienced lawyer can advise which is best. But the choice is always the client's.
  • Give advice in an understandable way.
The law is so vast it is impossible for a lawyer to be an expert in every area of law.  Some lawyers specialise for this reason. It is important to use a lawyer who is experienced in famiily law.